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As recent as 30 years ago, all surgery was performed in hospitals. While a hospital is ideal for complex cases requiring intensive care units, most surgery is related to minor healthcare problems. A hospital will naturally focus its resources and attention on the complex cases, while the patient with an outpatient type surgery can be forced to endure long waits for access to an operating room.

Covenant High Plains Surgery Center is the regions premier comprehensive outpatient surgical care facility that was formed with the confidence and trust that our patients and surgeons have in the care we provide. Confidence is one of the basic foundation of well-being and the continual trust in our physician and our centers is one that builds lasting legacies.

Physicians have recognized that outpatient surgical cases need a separate high quality environment that caters to these specific patients, and aims for higher patient satisfaction. Today the trend is for simpler outpatient surgeries to be performed in ASCs.

Covenant High Plains Surgery is combination of two former competing multi-specialty outpatient care facilities that merged in order to benefit the community, physicians, and the patients they served. The decision was one that allowed the centers to capitalize on synergies to provide, efficiencies in care to Lubbock County and the surrounding region.

A surgeon who admits his patients to Covenant High Plains Surgery Center is able to schedule the surgery at ideal times, so the patient has time to wake up in the recovery room, and then go home to recuperate in an environment that is more comfortable to them. All ASCs are highly regulated by the government so they adhere to stringent quality and safety guidelines.